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The Israeli Wind Energy Association (IsraWEA) was established to represent the wind energy community in Israel - active organizations and individuals directly or indirectly involved in the development and implementation of wind energy technologies, products and services.

Private and commercial developers in wind energy, operators, manufacturers, project developers, consultants, service providers and enterprises as well as other people who want to support wind energy inIsraelare invited to join the Association.

The Israeli Wind Energy Association aims to help the wind industry in general and in particular to act to:

  • serve members a source of reliable information in the field of wind energy developments in Israel and worldwide
  • provide members  with professional information exchange platform
  • promote the development of industry regulation to fit in with the proper authorities such as the Standards Institute, the Electric Company, Electricity Authority (PUA), Ministry of Interior, The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and legislation of that regulation in the Knesset
  • work with the Ministry  of Interior and local authorities on a procedure of obtaining building permits wind turbines and wind parks, both on national and local level
  • act to establish a Wind Atlas of Israel and publish currently available wind information, including the information which has been obtained from the various authorities
  • organize lectures, meetings, seminars and conferences for professionals in the wind energy sector
  • promote the establishment of research centers and academic knowledge in the industry
  • promote the establishment of licensing approval testing center
  • promote a mechanism of wind turbine installers’ certification
  • connect between Israeli organizations and companies with corresponding international companies and organizations
  • promote the Bankability of wind energy
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